Vote to Restructure

How to Vote
Voting will take place electronically and the Secretary of the Faculty will conduct and verify the vote on our behalf. Voting will end on November 8, 2014 at midnight. We need 50% + 1 faculty participation for the outcome to be valid.

Faculty should go to to cast their ballot. All final votes will be cross referenced against a list of eligible voters. Votes submitted by ineligible participants will not be counted.

The final vote will be presented to the University Committee.

The vote is:
Yes, in favor of APC restructuring following the recommendations of the report.
No, not in favor of APC restructuring, structure should remain as it is.

The proposed APC restructure would combine departments deemed to have similar research and teaching missions into five new divisions and would increase the number of faculty representatives from 8 to 12. The Committee would also have 2 Academic Staff members, both with voting rights. Terms would be staggered and for three years. A quorum would be defined as any eight members.

Who Should Participate

Everyone is welcome to read the documents and submit questions, but university policies dictate that only CALS faculty will be eligible to participate in the vote (see FPP 3:03). For the purpose of this vote that is most CALS faculty, including assistant professors.

If you are eligible to vote, you are strongly encouraged to participate.

This is a formal exercise of faculty governance that depends on full participation of our faculty, including those who do not have teaching responsibilities.


The CALS APC review took place during fall of 2013, with a report submitted in spring of 2014. The report can be found here.

Review Team members are: David Eide, Karen Wassarman, Ann MacGuidwin, Robin Kurtz

Feedback on the report can be given here.

Governance Links

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