Feedback or questions on the report can be submitted here. Questions will be answered below.

Who Should Participate?
Everyone is welcome to read the documents and submit questions, but university policies dictate that only CALS faculty will be eligible to participate in the vote (see FPP 3:03).

Which faculty are eligible to vote?
Faculty who have a tenure home at CALS and are not on unpaid leave may vote, this includes assistant professors.

Can staff vote?
No, since APC is a faculty committee, only faculty are eligible to vote.

How long will we have to vote?
The ballot is open until midnight on November 7.

Who is conducting the vote?
The Office of the Secretary of the Faculty is conducting and certifying the vote. All faculty submitting a vote will be cross-checked against a list for eligibility. Anyone voting who is not in CALS will have their vote removed.

What is the question on the ballot?
Yes, in favor of APC restructuring following the recommendations of the report.
No, not in favor of APC restructuring, structure should remain as it is.

How will the new structure be implemented?
The Proposed Implementation Plan charts the changing representation over the next few years.