The Academic Planning Council is established in accordance with Section 3.08 of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Faculty Policies and Procedures. The council advises the Dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences on:

  1. Developing strategic and long-range plans.
  2. College program reviews and future development or contraction of academic programs.
  3. Factors relevant to the capacity of the College to fulfill its mission.
  4. Budgetary planning and resource allocation.
  5. Policies related to responsibilities of the departments, centers, institutes and the College for instruction, research, and public service.
  6. Diversity initiatives to ensure excellence in education, research and outreach.

Rules Governing Procedures

  1. Agendas of APC meetings will be posted at least five days prior to the meetings.
  2. Any council member may add items to the agenda before five days prior to the meeting.
  3. Items may be added to the agenda at the meeting under New Business, but no action may be taken on items not on the previously noticed agenda.
  4. Minutes of the APC meetings are available the APC website.
  5. Faculty and staff will be emailed once a year that agendas and minutes are available on the APC website.
  6. Notice of all CALS committee membership is distributed to faculty at the beginning of the academic year.
  7. In accordance with FPP 3.08.B.2.b, the elected members of the CALS APC shall review the structure and functions of the APC, every five years. The last review was submitted in spring of 2013.

Governance Links

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  3. Secretary of the Faculty
  4. University Academic Planning Council

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